How to Volunteer

If you are interested in volunteering or interning at one of Mechai Viravaidya's projects, please contact the intern coordinator for Population & Community Development Association (PDA):

Mr. Mechai Viravaidya
Email: mechai@pda.or.th

Slots can be highly competitive, so please send a resume and cover letter indicating your area of interest and availability. Also, please indicate if your level of proficiency at speaking/reading Thai.

We are looking for a volunteers and interns with an innovative and open-minded personality, good team working skills and patience. Multicultural communication skills are also very important as the intern will be working with Thai teachers, staff, parents and community leaders who have limited English skills.

The Mechai Pattana School (MPS) positions

MPS has the goal to become a model school that provides high-quality education for children from poor families at no costs. Evolving around the goal, activities implemented at the school address two major issues – to develop innovative, high-quality teaching-learning methodologies, and to establish and operate a business company where the profits will be used in the school operations. In the long run, the school aims to become a center for community development, providing resources and support to the community development process. This framework will turn a school into a focal point of changes and progress in economics, gender equality, environmental conservation, democracy, health care, etc.

While volunteers ’ roles and effort will contribute to the above goal, they are expected to engage in the activities described below.