Prince Mahidol Award for Public Health (2009), for outstanding contributions in the field of public health for the sake of the well-being of the people. This prize was created in honor of His Royal Highness, Prince Mahidol, father of the current King of Thailand.

Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship (2008), awarded in recognition for the creative, innovative models for sustainable change which have yielded significant impact in tackling the world’s most urgent and economic challenges. This award accompanies a prize of one million dollars US.

Gates Award for Global Health (2007), the world’s largest international health prize in recognition of pioneering programs in family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness building. The award accompanies a prize of one million dollars US.

Nikkei Asia Prize for Regional Growth (2007), awarded for efforts to raise the quality of living and income levels of poor, rural communities in Thailand.

Time Magazine Asian Hero Award (2006), to mark 60 years of publication in Asia, 60 Asians were recognized for their contribution over the past six decades. Mechai Viravaidya was chosen as one of sixty Asian Heroes in recognition of dedication to helping the rural poor of Thailand through family planning and by curbing the spread of the HIV epidemic through a combination of result-oriented policy making and grassroots educational campaigns.

Special Lifetime Achievement Award (2006), from Asian Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility.

International Co-operation Prize of the All China Population Award (1998), in recognition of dedication to the population and family planning endeavor and promotion of friendship between Thailand & China.

United Nations Population Award (1997), in recognition of most outstanding contribution to the awareness of population questions and to their solutions.

Asiaweek Magazine Twenty Great Asians Award (1995), recognized as one of twenty Great Asians during the period 1975-1995 for his pioneering work in family planning and HIV prevention, as well as for his avant-garde vision of engaging the business sector in rural development (what is nowadays commonly known as “Corporate Social Responsibility” or “CSR”).

The Ramon Magsaysay Award for Public Service (1994), in recognition for mounting creative public campaigns in Thailand to promote family planning, rural development, and AIDS prevention.

International Health Award for Outstanding Leadership (1990), presented by the National Council for International Health USA, in recognition of his work in health, population and development in Thailand, and for setting a standard for innovative and creative leadership for the international health community.

Hugh Moore Award (1989), presented by the Population Action International USA, for innovation and vision in the population field.

Margaret Sanger Award (1985), presented by the Planned Parenthood Federation of America to honor significant contributions to the worldwide family planning movement.

Silver Shell Outstanding Citizen Award (1982), Presented by the Public Relations Association of Thailand for achieving major attitudinal changes in society.